Current state of the gaming industry

As the current gen of consoles are going into their mid terms without launching that many exclusives and even their own games being shared on each other platform, what is your view regarding the overall situation?

I, personally, can't help but feel genuinely bad for the developers, even if their game is a success, the tend to be discarded maybe for higher up decisions and invalid excuses. Although I bit controversial, it seems Nintendo is the only company doing things right.

I'm glad there are more ways for us to play games on different platforms, PC ports and services such as cloud gaming, but I see a pessimistic future in the short term.

Hopefully it will all get resolved but I wonder how. Any ideas about it?

  • My take is the developers are always delivering on what is wanted by management, but it is the management that is constantly failing leading them down the wrong path. That could be micro payments or forced registration on other platforms that aren't needed/wanted by the customer. On top of that, management has a binge/purge mentality with their staff rather than concentrating on the long term.

  • I don't know what's going on behind the scenes but the games i want to made are radio silent and I just about everything I've played that came out in the past 2-3 has been disappointing.

  • I am very happy with my Nintendo Switch!

  • I am starting to wonder if a bit of an uprising or at least some talented people in the industry start speaking up. It happened in the 1980’s with the Atari. Activision devs were actually getting their names on games (David Crane, Gary Kitchen , etc) while Atari just wanted deadlines met. 

  • There's no real publicity pipeline to see whats coming other than quick sequels to properties that don't really advance anything.

  • The console wars are effectively over.  A new era of peace and enlightenment is to follow xD

    If they really are over though, that could mean more freedom for developers to reach the audience wherever they are at.

  • Consoles arr inferior to PC for sure, so exclusives arr disappointing now. I think major companies/publishers cause a lot of games to flop or fall short due to corporate greed... sad thing is, they can't see that the reason why new games don't do well is because they push poor agendas or just force so many changes fans don't want. There arr a few rare companies that actually seek the opinions of their fans.

    Thankfully we're in the rise of smaller studios with devs that actually seek fan feedback and improve.on their work instead of punching out cookie cutter sequels and ruin their own IP. Kickstarter is awesome to see and be able to.back games we genuinely want, and most of the games I look forward to arr made by smaller studios meow. At least worst case scenario, we can always go back and play our older games. 

  • Personally I think they come out with too many new versions.

  • Developers are focused primarily on money and rightfully so. Unfortunately they have ruined the gaming industry with the rise of microtransactions. They figured out that the best way to stay profitable is to release a dlc every so often and get people to pay to win. The idea of a "free" game that has more micro-transactions than what the game would costs. Even the consoles dont care about games. Xbox and sony make more off requiring yearly subscriptions than they do selling you PS5s. Adobe figured this out years ago and now its every tech's business model.