Why are you playing games?

Hey everyone. I’m new here and wanted to see what drive gamers all over the world to play games…

  • I play older games that are story driven and a few new ones. I like stories that are immersive. First person shooters are good, but I get bored chugging through shooting and reaching a high score. I may play a few 2D games here and there.

    I like story driven games because it helps with my creativity. It also gets me away from my insane work or just enjoying nostolgia. 

    My older franchise favorites: Alien Isolation, Fallout, Mass Effect, Borderlands, BioShock, Dead Space, Fary Cry, and Halo. I also like To The Death, Universe Sandbox, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Dying Light.

  • A lot for the story for narrative driven games. Some for the expanded worlds (Star Trek Online, also fun for some of the voice acting, including work by several actors who have since passed away). I really love the Assassin's Creed games for the story and for the landscapes/architecture, and Red Dead Redemption (both of them) for the same reasons.

  • Temporary escape from reality, opportunity to experience things not accessible or safely available in real life. Dopamine addiction

  • To keep in touch with friends and family who are difficult to see on a daily basis. It's just a lot easier to hop on a game with mics on Discord than it would be to travel several hours. 

  • It really depends on the type of game. The biggest reasons are that I love solving puzzles/problems, the joy of a visable sense of progress in improving at something, and just pure escapism.

  • I love story driven games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Horizon, etc. Most games that have choices and consequences are my favorite. I don't mind gameplay too much as long as the gameplay is fun. I like sandbox games like Minecraft and older games like old pokemon games and bejeweled. I like games for quick or long time enjoyment especially during stressful times. They also give me creativity for my art hobby and something to talk about with others.

  • kills sometime, be engaged in something. Enjoy a good story.

  • Most of the time I play games to hang out and talk to friends! Other times I like to play story games and be engrossed in the plot. Sometimes I play to relax in a farming simulator! It just depends on what kind of need I want at the moment. 

  • I like stroy driven games and play them in bed these days before bed since it helps me cool down before sleeping

  • I play different games for different reasons. Sometimes I just want to escape from the daily grind a little, and I'll either play a FPS with fast action and (hopefully) a good community, or I'll play a heavily immersive story-driven single player game. Control is still one of my favorite single-player games, and as many hours as I've put in, I still haven't finished it. Titanfall 2 is a bit shorter, but is amazingly well done. When I just want to "run and gun", I generally turn to Halo Infinite, Apex Legends, or one of the newer free-to-play shooters.