Wish It Were Easier to Make Friends

I’ve been trying to add friends but idk if I’m trying to request being friends with people who truly are not active or what is going on but no one is adding me back/accepting my requests. (Insert sad face here).

  • https://gaming.lenovo.com/us/connect/groups/site-feedback/f/forum/83/unofficial-official-friend-request-thread?ReplySortBy=CreatedDate&ReplySortOrder=Descending

    This thread is full of people that want to be friends. Most of the more recent posts are still pretty active and interested. Don't take it personally. Some people don't check or notice their notifications. Might be the functions of their device or browser. Not sure of the maximum number of friends you can make in a month. Note your points before and after accepting.

  • I usually send friend requests to people who are in more recent threads or posts! This usually works most of the time! As they typically are more active!

  • Thanks! Good looking out. 

  • I don't mind getting a friend request. if you need a friend you can send me a request. 

  • send me you friend request