Review: Upgrades & Trials - Lenovo LOQ 16" AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS - after 4 months

Purchased a Lenovo LOQ 16" AMD 7 7840HS at the beginning of January 2024.

Initial purchase was to replace an 3 year old MSI gaming laptop. I needed something that could handle video editing and Adobe CC, but also some decent gaming. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

So far, I've upgraded the 2nd drive slot with a 2TB Samsung 980 PRO NVMe. This appears to be above the recommended expandable limit of 1TB, doing research certain SSD NVMes can be used that are 2TB. The Samsung 980 PRO is one of them and currently working great.

About a month ago, I had it in my backpack, put it on the hood of my vehicle (about 4 feet high) - backpack slid off onto the concrete. This Lenovo LOQ is still trucking with no issues, not even a hiccup. I did have other things in my backpack, but it hit sideways, so there was no telling what may have happened. My decision to go with Lenovo as a brand - in my work environment I've witnessed multiple Lenovo laptops bumped off desks, hit the floor, and keep on trucking. I work in tech and my organization has a large number of Lenovos as well as Dells. I'd take a Lenovo any day at this point.

The LOQ 16" has a great screen, easy to open up for the upgrades you are able to make. This is my 4th gaming laptop - Sager, Acer, MSI, and now Lenovo. I use to build my own computers but have given desktops up for a more mobile lifestyle. I just hope my experiences so far help others make decisions if they are sitting on the fence about which laptop to choose. Lenovo is my goto at this point.

  • Thanks for sharing. Seems like a good alternative to Legion laptops if you are on a lower budget

  • Thank you for this write up about your experience with the Lenovo LOQ. It's great to see you having a positive experience with this device and helps ensure those who have questions about its quality and performance in comparison to a Legion that they have nothing to worry about :)