Tipping and Tipflation

I grew up in a culture where tipping is not common. If anything you just round up to the next bigger more convenient number. 

I also lived in a country/culture where tipping is frowned upon. It makes the person receiving the tip less valued because tipping is seen as something that a superior hands down. 

Now I live in the US and tipping is everywhere. Restaurant, Coffee Shops, Fast Food Restaurants, basically everywhere. Everybody puts out a tip jar, or the POS system is asking for a tip (15 20 25 percent).

I feel tipping should remain a reward for outstanding service, and should not be demanded. At the same time the employers should pay enough wage for people to live on. 

What do you guys think ? 

  • when absolutely everyone started asking for (or in some cases demanding) a tip; I stopped tipping. 

    before that I used to tip about 20%

  • Stay home and cook a better dinner with loved ones. Groceries are even more expensive. Buy quality though! You'll eat better, save some, and be healthier! 

  • I usually tip 25%. If it's a Mom & Pop shop, I usually tip much higher. 

  • I think it's better if employers just paid their employees a livable wage instead of having tips be the bulk of their income.  It just sends the wrong message to both the worker and the patrons imo.  That said, this is the system we're at.  I tend to tip 15-20 percent when I'm eating out.

  • Usually, I tip around 15%, more or less depending on the quality of the service. I am somewhat unsure of how to tip properly for "other services" like taxis or food delivery; tipping culture seems convoluted lol.

    One thing that I do notice nowadays is that the default tip percentages seem to be higher nowadays when paying; definitely some tipflation going on there.

  • tax 13% plus tip 15% that is almost one third of my purchase..

  • 15% for normal service, 20% for extra effort. I would prefer to have the employers pay enough base salary and make tipping actually optional tho

  • Tipping is a lie and  scam. Restaurants bring people in by marketing $5 hamburgers or whatever. Then when you pay, they expect you to do the math and pay extra. Tips are not a nice little reward you give to a server for going above and beyond the call of duty to help customers as we were taught or people imply. Tips are an expected part of their wages. Employers are legally allowed in many places to pay below minimum wage in industries if tipping is involved. Lots of social pressure to throw extra money around. They should just charge more for the food and pay workers a decent living wage. Leave the customer out of it. If a waiter is truly excellent, maybe $5 or the legendary $1000 is appropriate, but this modern obligatory system is bad because it hurts workers as well as customers.

  • Unfortunately in the States people in the service industry rely on those tips to make ends meet. Now I agree that everyone should be paid a living wage where they are able to secure housing, food, other necessities and a few non-necessities but that's not the world we created here. I've also spent a lot of time in the restaurant industry throughout my life and good servers will make far more than any regularly paid job and would not want to see standardized wages because they would lose money. Granted, that's not the case for everyone but it makes for some interesting discussions. That all said, I will always tip 20% unless the services was unbelievably bad, or insanely good at which point I adjust accordingly. 

  • If you're old-fashioned, you tip before the service is rendered. TIPS: to insure proper service!