Tipping and Tipflation

I grew up in a culture where tipping is not common. If anything you just round up to the next bigger more convenient number. 

I also lived in a country/culture where tipping is frowned upon. It makes the person receiving the tip less valued because tipping is seen as something that a superior hands down. 

Now I live in the US and tipping is everywhere. Restaurant, Coffee Shops, Fast Food Restaurants, basically everywhere. Everybody puts out a tip jar, or the POS system is asking for a tip (15 20 25 percent).

I feel tipping should remain a reward for outstanding service, and should not be demanded. At the same time the employers should pay enough wage for people to live on. 

What do you guys think ? 

  • Fellow Canadian by chance?

  • During COVID I traveled and noticed several places across the country adding a "automatic tip." Found this in Seattle, New Mexico, and a few other places. The percent varied. Some as low as 5% and some as high as 18%. It has gotten out of hand for sure.

    My advice - only frequent establishments that you already enjoy and feel they provide outstanding service and food/drink. This will ensure when you tip you feel it is worth it. There is no use going somewhere you won't like or the food is subpar and still feel a tip should be added.

  • How the system should be and how it is are, obviously not the same. So in those jobs where it is factored into wages and is necessary or otherwise appropriate (sit down restaurant, delivery etc.), tipping is expected and you should do it unless there's a reason not to do it. It may be dumb, but it is what it is. 

    Everything else is corporate opportunism - tip prompt at the cash register? Just skip, every time. Don't reward that nonsense. The workers didn't put it there; their managers didn't put it there. MBAs put it there. MBAs suck.

  • If it's a place that I frequent, I will always tip more than 10% because it can pay for itself eventually, especially if I get the same server and have a good rapport with them. Free drinks and desserts will make their way to me more often, not to mention better service. If it's a place that you will never go to again, just tip the standard unless they went above and beyond. In your example I would only give 10%.