Rumor: Xbox wants or wanted to buy Steam.

How do you feel about the rumor going around social media that Microsoft/Xbox wants or at least wanted to buy Steam. I don't think the rumor has creditable sources but let's say it was true how would you feel about them buying Steam?

  • they want to buy anything that will make money

  • Let's just hope it doesn't happen

  • I think it would be detrimental to Steam's business model. I like Xbox and all but Steam is a different animal altogether. One company buying another always means changes. I doubt it will happen. 

  • If this was actually in discussion I don't believe it would pass anti-trust in at least one major market, but I don't think it's getting that far.

    Buying a company takes two parties. Best I can tell no one knows Valve's ownership structure, but it's incredibly likely you have to get Gabe to accept any sale... and he  sure doesn't seem like he's waiting around on a bigger payout.

  • They tried because their store front cant compare and they want to be the big cheese monopoly leader and valve laughed at them.  Not going to happen unless offer gets silly because valve very profitable and well run.

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    Courts are great at ruling in favor of anti-trust when they want to.

  • I doubt the rumor is true, if they could they absolutely would try though. Hopefully it never happens

  • yeah *** that noise.

  • I hope it is just a rumor. I can't see it being of any good for Steam. 

  • If this is true it’s only a matter of time before Microsoft makes a offer to big to refuse.