11 Days Left in the May Giveaway

Gaaaah! I’m getting nervous and excited but more nervous bc apparently I only have a .25% chance of winning. Let the chips fall! I’m ready.

  • In April I calculated my total odds of winning a prize at something like 1/65.  I was disappointed when I didn't.  I don't think I'll ever get that close again.

  • I've had a Go in my shopping cart the whole time and have resisted buying it in case I get lucky. 

  • Ahahaha! Good on you for resisting the buy. $630 for a handheld gaming system is crazy- regardless of whether it’s got the CPU of a computer or not. I’m not saying it isn’t pretty awesome, but expensive. Good luck to us all, tho!!

  •  ***, those were good odds. WOW! Yeah I don’t have a chance in hell- but it would be ironic if I did win. 

  • I played, knowing of the small odds... but let's take it down to 50-50 chance: you either will win or you won't win LOL

  • I think getting users interested in the Legion community is genius in the giveaways. Odds are better than Microsoft's Rewards giveaway, I'll admit. 

    If I don't win, probable, I'll end up buying the full spec'd for entertainment and light engineering computing.

    Good luck, all!

  • lol that’s how I look at everything usually…but I was super curious what my actual chances were haha!!

  • I think the way they give rewards points for being active in this community is pretty genius too!!

  • Verified! At frontpage, it shows my points and conversion to USD. That's pretty sweet! Great way to motivate your customers. 

    I wished they brought their clothing merch back.

  • I don't want to get my hopes up but it would be amazing to have one. I know the chances get lower and lower but I always hope that my name pops up. No matter who wins I hope they enjoy and take care that wonderful prize.