What you really think about the Xbox app on Windows?

What you really think about the Xbox app on Windows?

What you love and What you hate, what is you real opinion about the Xbox App on Windows.

  • The UI is a bit difficult to navigate and I hate that we don't have access to the game files of the games we download (for modding and such), but it's great having all these Xbox games on PC.

  • yea I've used it to stream games to my computer. I've never DLed games from it or anything, just played by xbox through my computer

  • I mean, I really wish Microsoft wasn't trying to make my computer look like a console or a smart phone. I already hate what they did with Windows 10 in general.

  • It has gotten better over the years but is far behind Steam. I have only had a few launch issues over the last couple years. It really needs to let players mod freely or make changes if a game does have problems running as intended. It is better than EA app, Rockstar Social or Ubiconnect. With Microsoft's revenue it could be so great with some diligence and focus.

  • So I think while everyone is focused on the Call of Duty aspect of Microsoft's Activision/Blizzard acquisition, I think the biggest advantage Microsoft is going to gain is Battle.net. It may never hit Steam numbers, but this will be a huge distribution channel for them. Battle.net app will probably take the place of Xbox app (or at least, that's what I would do if I was a MSFT exec).

  • the app is mostly serviceable but I've had boatloads of problems over the years that sometimes can only be fixed by a windows reinstall, if one of your games gets stuck in the downloading process it can mess up everything, thankfully I haven't had a problem since last windows reinstall about 6 months ago.

  • I haven't tried it yet. I had some major issues with my Microsoft store app that doesn't let me download ANYTHING. Therefore I haven't been able to try anything that requires it.