What you really think about the Xbox app on Windows?

What you really think about the Xbox app on Windows?

What you love and What you hate, what is you real opinion about the Xbox App on Windows.

  • Good for those who like play game at rent. 

  • I have never used it, and wish they didn't put it in the computer by default. 

  • I'm so annoyed by it that I refuse to open it.  MS, if I wanted that app, I'd have downloaded it.  

  • Not as user friendly as other gaming apps.

  • I don't think I want to go this route. A friend of mine says it's too proelematc.

  • What I hate is that when I click on a game to check it out that it takes me back to the top of the list.  It's fine if I'm checking out something that starts with "F" but if I'm down in the "S".  

  • Appreciate all the feedback here...been interested but hesitant to try it out...

  • The Xbox App Lacks on settings, some games require administrations permission and require you to do more than anyone should, and when you call customer service they don't even know how to help. A simple setting of on and off should be the solution, but no over 20 procedures that none of them work, forcing you to repurchase the game some were else.

  • It's alright it can be buggy a lot