What movie are you looking forward to seeeing?

  • I heard Alita Battle Angel 2 is coming out. I wouldnt mind seeing that one :) 

  • I like animated films so I can wait for Chicken Run Darn of the Nugget and Spider-man: across the Spider-Verse part one

  • I don't know, I guess whatever new horror movies are coming out even though I'm sure they'll be terrible.

  • I am looking forward to Antman and the Wasp Quantumania which comes out in Feb and Kang the Conqueror which is hopefully out by next summer or early fall.  As a huge Marvel fan, we need a Nova and a true to cannon Silver Surfer origins movie. Fantastic 4 Rise of the Silver Surfer barely scratched the surface of his story and adventures and connection with Adam Warlock. And with Guardians of the Galaxy 3 coming out in 2024 it would be a great way to mesh them together and The Guardians of the Galaxy video game introducing Adam Warlock to an audience not familiar with him. Anyway I could go on and on.

  • I'm looking for to watching Black Adam. Will probably watch it next week or the week after. I haven't gotten a chance to watch the new Hellraiser on Hulu, which was released a couple of weeks ago. Black Panther is another movie I am looking forward to and for that matter any new Marvel movie. Of course Avatar 2 is on my list. I would like to watch that movie in IMAX as I did with the first movie, to get the full immersive experience. 

  • Avatar: The Way of Water maybe and there supposed to be a new Blade movie.

  • Top Gun 3, You don't just make TWO BILLION DOLLARS off of one film and hang it up. Mav is coming back...

  • Not a huge movie buff, but I’m looking forward to seeing Sinister in theaters, soon

  • Not a huge movie buff, but I’ll likely be watching Sinister in theaters, this weekend