Rumor: Xbox's Next Gen Console being a Handheld

Do y'all think Xbox's handheld will be a stream only device like PlayStation's or a full fledged device like the Legion Go, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, etc.?

  • At least I hope Xbox makes that handheld really strong, if they want to join the competition. 

  • I could see XBox making it a stream only device to boost subscriptions but would limit its audience by doing so imo. If they launch a full fledge device, it would appeal to a much wider player base as it could satisfy both those who want to stream and those who want to play offline or download their games. I have a PS5 in my collection of gaming devices and I had no interest in their streaming handheld. I don't want or need a device that only works on my home IP. The biggest perk of having a handheld is that I can use it when I am not at home with access to my console. Apparently it is selling well but am surprised. The only scenario I see it being really useful is in a household with one tv that has to be shared in which case one person can stream on Sony's handheld while the other watches tv. I just don't see the appeal especially since Sony is charging $200 for it when a Switch costs only $100 more. I hope XBox launches a true handheld. I would get one day one.

  • Stream only would be good if it's at a decent price point. It would potentially have the ability to subsidize and make an even more affordable version of a Logitech G Cloud.

  • I would be super excited if XBOX came out with a portable. If not I think a Legion Go is in my future!

  • I would try out a portable X-box device it would be interesting to see.

  • I'm hoping it's a full fledged device. it would be a lot better that way.

  • I think it will be like the nintendo switch without the physical copy option, so digital download or cloud stream.

  • I think it would have to be a full fledged handheld to sell well for xbox. There's already the legion go and Logitech cloud device that has gamepass so there's no good reason to make a another cloud device when they should use their money on a handheld that actually can run the games they create instead of focusing on cloud. Unlike with Playstation I don't think many will run to a cloud handheld from xbox like others did with the Portal. If Xbox wants to join the handheld conversation they need to do what Lenovo, steam, and MSI did. 

  • Interesting, especially with the rumor that Microsoft is buying Steam.

  • Full fledged would be more likely because of pc heritage and desire to compete with steam, lenovo and asus.