Has our community helped you feel more connected online?

Hey all - question for everyone here! 

We're looking for feedback on your experience with the legion community, specifically around connection and mental health. Do you feel that the LGC (Legion Gaming Community) has helped improve your sense of connection and/or mental health online? If you're open to providing 1-3 sentences on it, it'd be very helpful!

You can either respond in comments here, or DM me directly Blush

  • I definitely think it's helped my sense of connection and mental health. It's also helped me with tech advice and such.

  • There is a sense of connection that comes from being part of a community. I think the Legion community is more than just marketing; it is built around a collective love of tech and gaming. Many of the regulars can even be seen engaging in fan-made subreddits, discord channels, etc. 

    I don't think it has helped improve my mental health or at least I can't recall a specific instance that would have had any noteworthy impact. 

  • Yes. The overwhelming majority of all users and responses are below minimum effort, but I do connect with the few that actually do read and respond. I gain new practical computer knowledge. There are a few people here that are actually helpful and reach out to others and I try to do that when I can. Be a good example. No idea if I am doing anything right or if any of my entries are valid, but I try. I feel vaguely less alone and compulsively come back a few times a day just to check on things.

    This is the only social media I actively use vs. lurk. I did just lurk for the first few months until I figured out the vibes. It's how I do.

  • I definitely prefer the Legion Gaming Community over somewhere like r/Gaming on Reddit. Everyone on LGC is very supportive and friendly, even with differing opinions. 

  • Please don’t hate this response bc it’s honest… I feel I do feel connected on here but on a very superficial level. I’m hoping that changes as I become more active in the community, but part of me is always wondering if I’m talking to people my age, or those much much younger, which cautions me. 

  • Totally valid - we want honest feedback! We're currently working on some big updates, and improving these points is one of the priorities for us 

  • I definitely feel connected to some of the community that is more engaged. There have been a lot of helpful and interesting posts whether it be troubleshooting or feedback on Legion and other products and platforms, popular general topics or nostalgia of some of our favorite times and activities. I have not come across any toxicity that I can remember and feel like it is growing into a healthy community. I also appreciate all of the updates on new and upcoming Lenovo products. It saves me time having to look for it. You are doing a great job, Ben. 

  • Connecting to other tech Lenovo users is always a good thing.