Protecting your Gaming PC or laptop....

What software do you prefer?

  • I can't afford to pay for the protection so I use Iobit software and free keys.  I never trust the cracks and advise against it for anyone.   I do prefer Advanced SystemCare Ultimate but I will use Pro if that is the available key.   

  • I use windows defender and Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes was one of five programs recommended to me by bleepingcomputer to use in succession after I got the Zeus virus. Others include Rkill. Still have a few of them installed today. Ran into Zeus one other time since, but I think it was just an ad. Did all the steps anyway.

  • I prefer the standard windows software. If I get a virus or things slow down it’s easy enough to do a fresh install of windows and clear things out that way.

  • I use Windows Defender that came preinstalled on my computer, as well as Malwarebytes. There are plenty of free anti-virus software programs but those two were recommended to me by a trustworthy source.  I also clear the footprints on my browsers and computer at least once a week, and avoid going to sketchy websites where I am likely to get a virus.

  • Another vote for Windows Defender and Malwarebytes. Thumbsup

  • Windows Defender and Malwarebytes seem to work well enough for me.

  • Another vote for Windows Defender and Malwarebytes. Those are plenty enough for me, I've never had an issue with them or getting any malware or viruses. Malwarebytes is useful if you want an extra layer of protection, but honestly Windows Defender is good enough for most people.

  • If using Windows and don't want to rely on Windows Store for app installations I can recommend Malwarebytes. That software has brought my computer back from the brink when I had a virus back in the day. If using the Linux Kernel and the variety of distro's Mint, Fedora, Pop OS, Manjaro , etc I would recommend sticking to the app store. Further in most Linux distro's you can also use flathub for most software and they provide transparent insight on whether the apps are verified, what risks they present to help provide peace of mind.

  • Windows Defender and Malwarebytes seems to work best for me!

  • Windows defender does good now it is not like the old ones, adding another anti virus will only create Chaos on the PC.