Who is ready for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet releases in less than a month. How excited is everyone? Have you preordered the game yet? If so, what were the best deals you could scavenge? What starter Pokémon is your favorite out of the three? I am team Fuecoco! The small fire dino is so adorable! and I am a sucker for fire elemental.

  • LOL. I thought Pokemon phase ended 10 years ago.

  • It has been a LONG time since i played a traditional pokemon game. I may give these ones a try to see what all has changed :) 

  • Sorry, but it would take a lot of hype to get me to play Pokémon again.

  • As someone who is about to have his first kid, I'm really interested to see if Pokemon captures his interest! Pokemon Blue was the first real game I ever owned, so it'd be awesome to have my own kids experience Pokemon too with a whole new generation of players Slight smile

  • I replay old Pokemon games more than I play new ones now. I'll probably play scarlet in a few years right before the next game is announced.

  • I'm excited! This is probably the game with the least early revealed pokemon in awhile. I'm also team Fuecoco!

  • Congrats on the forthcoming arrival! I played Pokemon Blue way back when it was released...and when I was already probably too old to do so (20!), but I found it a perfect game to get short bursts of gaming in before work, and I ended up a fan of the series, though I never played past Ruby & Sapphire. Maybe one day!

  • I haven't played any of the new pokemon games since Sun and Moon, but I continue to buy every single one that is released. Sprigatito is the best since I am grass-type starter loyal. 

  • it looks interesting but will wait on reviews.