Who is ready for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet releases in less than a month. How excited is everyone? Have you preordered the game yet? If so, what were the best deals you could scavenge? What starter Pokémon is your favorite out of the three? I am team Fuecoco! The small fire dino is so adorable! and I am a sucker for fire elemental.

  • Sort of for me? I wish I were younger and less cynical about stuff because the older I get, the more negatives I focus on and not just in life, and this means I tend to focus on what's not there in games compared to past editions, like the PokéDexit in SWSH. I still want to play SV, but I'd like to be less analytical (and more financially stable) about it. It doesn't help that Pokémon games tend to be released during school prime time, meaning a month before finals season, so I won't be able to enjoy the games (or even part time properly to own them) until December.

    What I will say is that Pokémon design have gotten significantly more cuter, which way up my alley. I couldn't care any less about the characters and their "controversial" designs. In fact, having a streamer for a characters is very much appropriate with today since the amount of streamers has increased after pandemic.

  • Just wish I had the time to enjoy them. And every other game.

  • I am very excited for the new Pokémon game but I am unhappy that you can only play it on the switch, I don’t even have the switch so I will have to play it at my friends but Pokémon has always been a important game in my life. I have almost all of the Pokémon games on the ds and I love the Pokémon tv show. I am very unhappy that ash is going to be replaced with new character but I would love if he would stay. I am currently playing Pokémon soul silver it I just defeated the third gym earlier today and it was so easy. The one thing I hope is different with the new Pokémon game is that their new Pokémon look stupid.