What's the best Laptop out there for gaming and work?

I always recommend the Legion 7i in general, however, I have the 5i and it's excellent, fast and I can rely on it. What are your opinions?

  • In terms for price, I got Legion 5 Pro. I'm rolling with the Legion Gen 6 R9 3080, and loving it.

  • Once you go with a 17" screen, it's hard to go back. So I recommend the Legion 5i (17”)

  • Thanks for the posts. I'm needing to upgrade! 

  • i really recommend legion 7i gaming laptop with RTX3080 TI video card, in my opinion is the best gaming laptop for and doesn't cost a lot comparing to different brands withe same specifications.  

  • I would say the Lenovo legion 5, it has worked great for me I use it for school and gaming and sometimes programming 

  • I have to highly agree with the Legion 7i. It is EASILY the best laptop i have ever had. My only issue with it is that it is quite large and didnt fit into my work laptop bag so i had to buy a new one just for it. It rocks though. 

  • The consensus seems to be, and I agree, that 17" screen is the preferred size and the Legion 5i laptop.

  • I'm going to be contrarian here and say that if you're working from home, you need an external monitor(or two) in the upper 20 inch range.  Once you've got that, you don't really need a big laptop screen IMHO and it's better to go with a 14 or 15 inch model.  You get better battery life, more portability and a lower starting price point.  You can parlay that money you've saved into an upgraded GPU, more RAM etc..

  • Thank you guys! Love the opinions.

  • I agree with the 17" screen being key here; so whichever 17" laptop meets your spec criteria.