What's the best Laptop out there for gaming and work?

I always recommend the Legion 7i in general, however, I have the 5i and it's excellent, fast and I can rely on it. What are your opinions?

  •  legion 7i really good

  • You can't go wrong with either.  Be sure to get fastest processor, and most ram you can.

  • I don't think there's really a "best" gaming laptop, I believe the specs dictate whether or not it's a good computer. Unless it's a laptop that comes pre-loaded with a ton of bloatware.

  • +i agree the extra size makes a nice difference.

  • I'm looking for a new laptop and Legion 7i sounds like a winner however I don't think I can go with a 17" because it won't fit in my travel bag.

  • I have a 5i, and it's pretty good for gaming (and a beast with my database work), but it's just too heavy to travel with, so I have a little 13" nothing machine to take on the road and remote in for heavy lifting.

  • I would imagine that if you bought a laptop suited for gaming, it would handle your work pretty well. I would guess that unless you are doing a video editing, that gaming would be more demanding than most work functions. That said, the computer that suits your gaming needs (unless you're just playing solitaire) is the computer that you need.  I personally use my Y540 for both.

  • I agree with that too. I really prefer a larger screen.