Show us your Legion setups & wallpapers!

Share a photo of your Legion wallpaper and/or battlestation setup!

Hey Legion!

I want to see what your gaming setups look like these days. Mine currently looks something like this, although I did swap out one of the Tower 5i's for a Tower 7i a little while ago Slight smile

Post a photo of your battestation below! Bonus points if you include one of our community Legion wallpapers in the setup!

Also, let us know - what upgrade are you eyeing next? If you're like me, your setup is never truly finished...

  • This is my setup featuring the Legion Go Slight smile. Basically, all the peripherals are connected to a dock which helps keep things organized on my somewhat cramped desk. I can then connect these, via a single convenient USB-C cable, to either my Legion Slim 5 or Legion Go (which also receives power from the dock).

    Current wallpaper is "Sunset", which is one my favourites and looks great on the Legion Go screen (...the Slim 5 though Eyes).

    Special thanks to  for providing the opportunity to experience the Legion Go Grinning! It is a fantastic device!