To RGB or not to RGB

For those with a bunch of RGB lighting, do you still use it? If so, do you spend any time updating lighting profiles? Most days, my PC is dark but my keyboard, mouse, and mousepad are all lit up. Some days, I turn everything off and every once in a while, I turn everything on. Curious how your views and uses of RGB have evolved over time.

  • I’ve completely changed my use.  My RGB is only turned on when someone new wants to see it, or someone asks while I stream. 
    Otherwise, I set everything to off b/c I see it as a waste of power (even that small), tht I can easily go without. 

  • Tbh, I keep it on even after three years of first experiencing it. Joy I always wanted the "gamer RGB" keyboard as a kid. So, to finally experience it as an adult is mesmerizing (albeit totally not required).

    Sometimes, it just makes mundane tasks feel just a bit more exciting when you have a rainbow wheel accompanying you, haha.

  • I leave mine on all the time.

  • I keep rgb on for my keyboard and mouse, it sets the mood well with a nice ambient feel especially with rgb effects that react to the sound or screen. For my legion 5i laptop in particular the keyboard lighting stays on, it’s less detracting to me than just the power button light alone for whatever reason. If that power light could be disabled I’d turn off RGB for movies and such. Wouldn’t buy headsets that have rgb though, when part of the budget goes into rgb on those in particular, the overall budget the maker used to make that product ends up being affected which just reduces value for money of the overall package. 

  • I used to use RGB lighting, but now I find it annoying at nighttime. I tend to have it often almost all the time unless I have people over.