Book or Movie

Is there a book or movie you would like to see made into a video game?  I'd like a space strategy game based on David Webers' Honor Harrington series of books.

  • Although it’s been done well before a long time ago, I would love to see an open world Wheel of Time game if done right. There is such a rich world built in those books that would work well in the right hands. 

  • Temeraire.  Dragon-based combat in the Napoleonic war is very obviously an excellent video game premise.

  • An open-world RPG set in the world of Stephen King''s Dark Tower. 100© would buy.

  • Mistborn, the magic system screams to be used outside of print.

  • I really wouldn't mind an anime-style version of Lord of the Rings

  • Dude, a Billy Bumbler companion/pet? I hate microtransactions, but if they were good looking, I'd buy one. They don't even have to look like what I imagine them to look like, as long as they say, "Oy!", lol. I'm kind of surprised that they haven't made an End-World game since there are tons of post-apocalyptic world games. 

    I've been thinking and the different biomes could be all the different books that King incorporated into the series. Or maybe just the levels. There are so many ways it could be done, but it would be hard to get right. Maybe if they just focused on a small part of the story, like the Gunslingers before the fall. It's been a long time since I've read them, so I can't think of the details, but I think it would be awesome.

  • Disneys wreck it Ralph 2, I want that to be a full on video game where you play as Ralph as travel the internet

  • I would like to see a brand new pacific rim game, everything after the first movie flopped very hard and the very few games that were released were just terrible. a couple mobile games, and only a console game. It's very sad to see a beloved franchise sink so low. 

  • Good question. We just watched Mortal Engines & my husband thought it would make a fun game. 

  • Space Force by Aer-ki Jyr.   It is on Prime. There are about 120 short Syfy books and are fantastic to binge-read.