What do you want for Christmas?

  • At my age I have few things I really need. And not to sound like some movie line; but I would truly like to see Peace and Good Health for everyone.

  • I wish happiness and peace for everyone  :)

  • The end of hatred and violence.... a utopia world

  • A decent sake warmer and also Peace and Happiness

  • How about 2 new hips and a healthy year?

  • I need a good computer.

    I'd like my college fb team to win out & win a bowl game.

    Oh, and peace on earth of course.

  • For my daughter to sleep an hour later and for more people to get their boosters.

  • A free Lenovo  Legion Tower 5i!

  • Spending Christmas in Amsterdam with my awesome wife, so I'm pretty much getting as great a gift as I could hope for. Very much wishing for everyone to have a safe, healthy, happy and peaceful holiday season!

  • I would like to see the whole country start heading toward a better, happier, and safer future.