OW2 Reward System

Its been a few weeks since the launch of Overwatch 2. In your opinion, how do you feel about the battlepass system? What changes would you make if any?

Or do you prefer the old lootbox system from OW1? 

  • I would probably have been happy if loot boxes were only available as a reward for "leveling" while not being available in the store. The store could keep its current mechanic of purchasing specific items to avoid any form of gambling. 

    Battle passes have become the norm, but it's quite obvious that Overwatch lags behind its competitors. This isn't that unexpected though since it is their first attempt. 

    There is also the issue of in-game currency. The amount of time one has to invest to be able to buy a legendary skin would take about 8 months. 

  • I never really cared for cosmetic items in OW1, so the recent changes from loot boxes to Battlepass... using real money to buy bundles and the such really do not bother me directly. However, I came across this article It will take you 327 years to get all the originally free items in Overwatch 2 | TechRadar that asserts it would take 327 years to get items that you would normally get in OW1 from playing and opening loot boxes. 

    I understand... it's a business. They need to make money to maintain and update the game as needed, nerfs, buffs, bug fixes, banning cheaters, etc. If players are willing to pay for bundles that cost more than real-life items, then it's their prerogative. 

  • prefer lootboxes, ow2 is a cash grab