Do you have a go to and a chill game?

I'll start, my go to game is Call of Duty and my chill game is Assetto Corsa

  • Indeed forza horizon. such a chill game(when following all the laws ofc)

  • Breath of the Wild 

  • Kingdom 2 crowns is a good chill game for me and Taptiles 2

  • My go-to game is probably Fortnite Festival. My chill game is Valkyria Chronicles. 

  • My go-to tends to be the next co-op game my friends and family are playing right now It is Warhammer 3. My chill game was Bloons TD6 till I spent too many hours on it and banned myself from playing it. 

  • Puzzle Games like match 3's or board games.

  • My chill game right now is Delta V: Rings of Saturn. I have a few go to games depending on what mood I'm in. Zero Sievert is one, Grounded, Tiny Rogues, Brigador, and Rogue:Genesia have been in heavy rotation for me lately. Terraria, Core Keeper, and Necesse when I'm in a base building kind of mood and Star Valor or Starsector when I feel like exploring the universe. 

  • When I want to have a relaxing time I would choose a simulation game like Stardew Vallley or Animal crossing.

  • Snowrunner is pretty chill.