Optimizing Performance for Gaming

Does anybody else start looking online for optimization guides to reduce as many background processes as possible? Personally, I've always installed ISLC, MSI Mode, Wintoys(not to be confused with Powertoys),Lenovo Legion Toolkit(which lets you change the boot up screen into an image) and Microsoft PC manager.
Any other suggestions? 

  • As far as optimizing gaming performance, I have a pretty old Lenovo, so keeping it constantly updated, updating bluetooth and audio drivers, and clearing disk storage very often is what keeps it going. I never really downloaded external software for optimization because there's the risk of the programs losing efficiency over time and just becoming bloatware that slows the device down. Then again, my device is very old (cannot update to Windows 11 lmao) so my perspective is prob diff from someone that owns a newer device lol

  • Like FutureMDatGS, I also have an older Lenovo Yoga that can not update to Win11. So I un-installed every app/software that I never or no longer used. I also consistently look for driver updates, probably once a month or so. I'd love to win one of these monthly giveaways, but for now this is what I do to maximize my old computer.

  • The most effective thing I've found is to look at the startup list and ongoing processes and google each one to see what they do and if you can turn them off or stop them. Thats the best way to clean up and free up resources.