Do You use laptop stands?

Do you recommend laptop stands with fans? I used to have one but it started to rust so now i just own a normal stand, which definitely gets the job done.

  • I don't use any laptop stand, but there is one important thing I can tell: never use stands with fans!

    External fans mess with your laptop internal fans, so don't use them.

  • I wouldn't use a stand with a fan unless it reinforces my laptop's cooling system. You don't want a situation where your laptop is blowing air downwards while your external fan is pushing air upwards. You would just be better off getting a stand with a larger opening instead. 

  • I don't, but I do have my laptop propped up with a set of plastic bottlecaps (just to give it some air buffer)
    Like Eduardo mentioned - having fans blowing into your laptop could potentially cause an issue

  • I use a stand but without a fan. It's a curved cradle with plenty of airflow. It adjusts too but has a longer footprint (front to back) than I like.

    My keyboard & mouse attach to the computer easily.

  • Just about all laptops have the fans intake side on the bottom of the laptop so if it's sitting flat on a surface, lots of air is restricted going in. A laptop stand is good but I recommend using one with out fans and is more of a stand that lifts the laptop up from the desk.

  • I have a laptop lap stand, and it generally can keep it cool enough just being raised off of my blankets and lap. That said, I'd have definitely gotten one with fans if I could find one that also had the pad for sitting on your lap. 

  • Laptop stands with fans!? Fancy! Using some type of stand is a must if you dont want to overheat your PC too much, or your lap for that matter! I cringe when i see people covering the bottom fans with pillows.

  • I don't think stands with fans is necessary, a normal stand or anything that props up the vents under the laptop should be enough.

  • More fans != better.

    But yes to a stand.

  • For the most part I have heard that as long as the intake vents have some clearance you’re good to go. Elevating the laptop seems to be the main point versus lots of built in fans. The only exception maybe be the ones that are $80+ on Amazon that have a seal to actually help move more cool air thru the laptop.