Is Intel better than AMD?

I used to own a Legion y720 with an intel processor. The UI mostly sucked but never had any complaint with the speed at the time. My legion S7 now has an AMD processor and while the UI is miles better it sometimes cant keep up with the load. Sould i buy a laptop with intel or with AMD? AMD tends to give further updates to their processor while intel does the bare minimum but gets the job done.

  • I've seemed to have better luck with Intel products in laptops and PCs, but it could definitely just be that the AMD products I've owned were lower end.

  • It really depends on what you are looking for, what gen you are comparing, and a few other things. I usually prefer to stick with AMD, but the last two gens from intel are also quite good. I still feel like $/performance favors AMD more though. 

  • each one has its pros and cons
  • In my opinion having used both, I have had more success with Intel. It seems to run smoother, without interruption and work very fast. I am choosing Intel CPU’s from here on out

  • I've been unsure lately, because most people I've seen have gone with AMD. My current processor is AMD. All I've heard is that it runs cooler than Intel, but Intel has slightly better performance. 

  • I would like to try this. The graphics look amazing.

  • I have a Y720 as well. What's worth noting is that particular mobile CPU generation (7th) wasn't particularly powerful therefore even with the Thunderbolt egpu capability you were bottlenecked at the CPU load. From my perspective since 11th generation, Intel mobile is extremely competitive comparatively to AMD. Also since the addition of E & P cores in 12th gen intel, generally snappiness is at an all time high. I would say for single core performance Intel is superior and is generally better supported by apps due to the sheer userbase of Intel. AMD really shines with their APU tech that's present in Consoles, Steam Deck, Lenovo Go, etc.

    If I would buy a laptop I'd go Intel for a number of reasons (driver / firmware support, better chance of price competition and price to performance, guaranteed USB 4 / Thunderbolt support for modularity)
    If you can find a good deal for AMD go for it as you're likely going to have a decent experience. Just make sure to update firmware for the best chance of a "smooth" experience.

  • In my experience, Intel has had better performance results. AMD has definitely gotten better as of late but I still would rather have an Intel processor. Performance is almost always my first priority when choosing any tech.

  • I've always by far preferred Intel personally, but to be honest I have never had any high-powered AMD hardware, either.

  • [I'm giving opinion from past experiences configuring my own system]

    I like both AMD/Intel CPUs, but I've struggled with the bus on motherboards. In the past when I configured my systems, you had to find the right sweet spot with the components going well with each other. It's all up to the specs and researching the ones fit well. 

    I've switched to Intel from AMD years ago. I think the reasoning behind that was performance. AMD is great, don't get me wrong, but over time they tend to lag as you've reported. Times may have changed since then.

    I still have my decade+ system running with an AMD CPU (AMD Phenom X3(2008)) running as a cold-storage solution. Performance  = decent on Win10 with 8GB RAM. Slow at first, but it warms up.