What genre of games do you want to see more of?

There's only so much space for live service games and with more publishers taking less risks, what genre of games do you want to see more of and would support? I loved Obra Dinn and Golden Idol and want to see more detective style games of that nature.

  • I want more traditional linear action/adventure games. Just like the old days

  • I am a sucker for rogue-lite and roguelike games. I just find this genre to be a lot of fun with the vast majority of games being from indie developers. I haven't played a single rogue that I haven't enjoyed. 

  • Cyberpunk like games but supporting co-op or multiplayers as well

  • Anything that features local co-op gets a win for me :)

  • I'd like to so a good old base building, unit cranking RTS like starcraft or age of empire from the old days.  With multiple sides and play styles and a large unit cap.

  • I really need to see some more 4x games, civilization is the only decent one that I played 

  • More western type games like Red Dead Redemption. Or just deep stories like it. 

  • More open world action/adventure co-op games

  • I'd like to see more turned-based RPG games! I've played Octopath Traveler II, Persona, Baldur, etc. I did see in the Xbox showcase that  Clair Obscur Expedition 33 would be coming in 2025 and I am really excited for that!

  • Deux Ex, Cyberpunk and similar games would be nice.

    More Baldur's Gate type games too please.