Upcoming Features and Upgrades

What upcoming features or hardware upgrades are you most excited about for the Lenovo Legion series? I'm considering upgrading to the Legion 9i and want to know if there are any major advancements on the horizon.

  • I think that the next generation of Nvidia GPU's are just around the corner no?  That is definitely something to be excited about.  I know I am curious what's in store there.

  • Certainly is something to be interested to see, Nvidia’s RTX 50 series hopefully will bring new features alongside a large raw performance increase. On Lenovo’s side I’m hoping the Legion 9i design will change this time around, particularly internally, with a much more effective liquid cooling system to accommodate the new hardware. The current cooling system, while impressive brought it to a high level of performance for its size but not quite at game changing levels vs larger cooling systems such as the Legion Pro 7. Has potential to advance to those heights though, maybe 2025 will be the year it does.

  • I've heard that the latest AMD processors will have some step change improvements.  Maybe not a huge step, but faster, lower energy. and more functions is always better.