Customization and Personalization

How do you personalize your Lenovo Legion laptop to make it unique? I've used Lenovo Legion Toolkit to change the boot screen image and wallpaper engine for the desktop background and for the screensaver, never thought of using stickers on the laptop lid idk i have a lot of fallout sticker laying around so it might be better to wait until my Legion 9i arrives so i can use them but I'm looking for more ideas to customize both the hardware and software. Slight smile

  • Use their backgrounds that they put out weekly!

  • Usually a custom wallpaper & load screens,,some sort of wrap & some stickers...

  • Rhinestones and streamers.

  • Using the same here, swapping between wallpaper engine having created one animated one there and also using the legion wallpapers posted in the community. For physical customization though, maybe look into a Dbrand skin for the laptop.

  • I buy stickers from Redbubble. A great way to support artists while getting some unique images. 

  • I love matching my rgb with my desktop.

  • Sure, I always customize my wallpapers (1hr rotation), desktop (no icons), color scheme (dark theme with red highlights), taskbar (VirtuaWin, T-Clock, foobar2000 DeskbandControls, custom app folders, and pinned favorited apps), etc. and disable system sounds - it's one of the reasons I stayed on Windows 10. Windows 11 broke taskbar customization. When I get a chance, I'm going to swap out the SSD for a larger-capacity one. RAM is soldered, so I'm out-of-luck on that... and I don't feel like soldering new RAM chips to the motherboard.

  • I put stickers on all my T440Ps. Mostly media, some tech, some philosophy, and maybe one political per laptop.

  • Wraps and wallpapers

  • They already have some pretty decent wallpapers installed within the laptop. but i like to use the cool backgrounds that they show on the community pages.