VR and AR Compatibility

Has anyone tried using their Lenovo gaming laptop(especiallly something like the 9i) with VR headsets? How well does it handle the additional load, and are there any specific models or setups you would recommend?

  • I used a Quest 2 on my Y540 that housed a 1660 TI and Intel 9750H. Obviously compared to today, those specs are very old and definitely bottlenecked the experience even if I was using the Link cable I bought to hopefully make things easier and offset the poor performance the Quest 2 tends to have on its own.

    When I was researching compatibility, the Quest 2 and 3 do not work on XX50 versions of Nvidia GPUs. I'm unsure if they don't work at all or work poorly, I haven't tried as I don't have the hardware.

    Now I'm on a Tower 5 with a 4070 TI and Ryzen 9 7900 with the Quest 3 via Link cable and it runs sooooo much better. Of course, comparing to mobile versions of the same hardware, the performance is going to be less, but I imagine any machine you decide to use as long as the specs are mid-high range should run various types of VR headsets just fine. I recommend when researching any headsets to check their minimum/recommended requirements for use and if they have any compatibility issues.

  • I used VR on my Lenovo Y720 with a GTX 1060 and it worked fairly well. A 9i would likely handle things decently depending on what kind of VR experiences you're looking to run minus more demanding options like UEVR.

  • I do VR on my Legion 7i all the time. I usually use my Quest 2 headset. Looks great! You should definitely pick up the official Link cable though as I've noticed some stuttering with less quality cables.

  • Good question!  I have a Quest 2 but not the 9i.   I use a 5i.   However, I still haven't even tried connecting it yet.   I have basically shelved it.   

  • Thanks for the question about VR/AR performance - and thanks for the replies!

  • I used a my psvr1 with a mod on my Legion y540 RTX 2060. From what I know, only Nvidia RTX  2000 mobile cards or earlier support VR as plug and play and newer RTX cards needing an adaptor for the plug in port. I remember reading about it I believe on Tom's Hardware website. The higher the wattage and VRAM of your laptop the better of an experience you should get when playing newer VR games. Your 9i should be more than fine for VR gaming. You should also be able to use Quest headsets wirelessly with ease and recommend having ethernet cable connected when doing so.. 

  • MY y540 also had a 9750H processor but with a RTX 2060 and I still noticed a bottleneck from time to time depending on the game. Towers are a much better choice than laptops for VR gaming especially with the newer RTX cards. I now own a PSVR 2 and am eagerly awaiting Sony's pc implementation and how it will work. Hopefully through a plug in adaptor and not a bluetooth connection via PS5 to PC. I regret getting a PSVR 2 for my PS5 and wish I would have waited for the Quest 3 but I really wanted to play Grand Turismo and Resident Evil Village in VR at the time. I had no idea that Sony's support would fade so quickly. Quest has so much support for their platform and no tether. I am usually patient but coming out of the Covid where everything was still in shortage I didn't want to risk having to wait a long time for one like I did with the PS5 The PS5 was near impossible to get for so long. I learned my lesson.

  • yes, my 2070 runs things alright, but I usually optimize for performance over visuals. So overall don't know how well it would run if you want to keep things at the highest settings and if you have a better graphics card.

  • Great question and thread!  Thumbsup  I'm enjoying reading the VR laptop solutions. I just installed UE 5.4.2 on my laptop to dabble with it, but I don't have any VR hardware yet. The new Sony SRH-S1 XR headset looks sweet (it's for industry, but I hope it makes its way into the consumer market)!  Lollipop Candy

  • I'll say this: You made a purchase decision based on your desire to have fun, enjoy some new games, and due to uncertain market conditions, so don't feel bad about it :) It's unfortunate that the PSVR isn't going to be continuously supported, maybe you can sell it and purchase a Q3 instead?