Warranty and Protection Plans

What has been your experience with Lenovo's warranty and protection plans? Are they worth the investment, and have they been helpful in resolving any issues you've encountered? I wanted to go with the 4y Legion Ultimate Support but ultimately decided against since my S7 still performs as good and even better with all the tweaks I've done. How good are the other protection plans and does the smart performance service really work or gives your system any notable difference?

  • I've not had a protection plan, but I think it would be a great idea!

  • I have had the protection plan on my current Legion laptop but never had to use it because I never had issues that I couldn't resolve by myself or from looking on Lenovo forums for a fix. I mainly got it for peace of mind. Lenovo devices have a pretty good quality control but if you are going to get a protection plan I would get a long term one. It is highly unlikely you will have a major issue your first couple of years unless it is a factory defect which should be noticeable when you first start using it and will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. As far as Smart Performance in Lenovo Vantage, it is not worth it at all imo. It will not do anything that Windows can't do for you for free with a quick command line like sfc /scannow. You can look up the different command lines for Command Prompt online. They are extremely easy to use. You can also clean up unused and old files in settings so there is really no need to pay for Smart Performance. The periodic scan it does stating the issues insinuate urgent issues but in reality it reports even small old unused files or setting you purposely turn off etc... to scare you into buying it. You could put that money into a protection plan if you want. Hope this helps. Windows is pretty robust and gives you good control of your device most of the time. 

  • I have not used protection plan in the past, but if your laptop is expensive, it would be a good idea to get some coverage.

  • When I bought my ThinkPad, I chose the best warranty plan. Never used it. Three years later, it still runs like I first bought it with no issues. I didn't opt to update my warranty because I'm waiting for an updated ThinkPad that will have the similar features I currently have. 

  •  It depends on the cost of the device, cost and length of the plan, how much you depend and value the device, how it will be used, risk of damage, clumsy or accident prone user, and other such factors.

    I bought a cheap $30 mp3 player and the cashier tried to sell me a $20 protection plan. That day, I made one of the best decisions of my life. Over 15 years later, the player still works with no problems.

    I didn't buy the plan, obviously. You might want one to cover an expensive, important device, especially if the plan is relatively cheap, you use it near food or drink, or take it with you to dangerous environments. If you only use it at home very carefully, you can just keep the money.

  • My Lenovo Thinkpad from the company had a protection plan. After 3 or 4 years it started to get really bad because I was always on the go and it could not keep up with all the traveling. After the initial fix and assessment that it did not work, Lenovo just replaced the SSD for a new one free of charge. It was a great experience!

  • Peace of mind is the biggest seller for me. These are expensive devices and having that protection is just one thing less I have to worry about. I have multiple Lenovo devices and have only had to utilize the plan once on any of them. The process was quick and resolved with no hassle. I personally recommend it. 

  • I didn't know they offered an extended warranty.

  • Generally never buy them, but haven't had an issues when something breaks within the regular warranty period. Overall, if you're careful with your stuff, I don't recommend every buying an extended warranty. Plus no one reaches out to your about your extended warranty.

  • I have experienced using Lenovo's warranty, and they are speedy and follow up to see how the replacement device is working. I recommend it.