(Poll) Most ICONIC Video Game Character?

  • Where Pikachu? This is the only character I think anyone from around the world regardless of their video game knowledge will still recognize. 

  • Added Pikachu, thank you for the feedback! I tried limiting it to 3-4 options, but I now added Pokemon since it's the highest-grossing video game media, haha

  • Gotta be Mario with so many games, spin-offs, and cameos. Then there are are the TVs shows and movies. There there is the popculture and memes even nongamers know who he is.

  • We can all list a ton of characters but the most iconic definitely has to be Mario.  So many games, spin-offs, movies, series, etc. on the character and supporting characters alone.  

  • Agreed 100%

  • Kerrigan from StarCraft. Iconic.

  • I would go with Mario. Pikachu can get confused with the animation. And Pac-Man is not so well known by newer generation. 

  • My vote goes to Mawio 

  • Totally. He has been the defining character for the longest running console brand on every generation for 40+ years now.

    Lots of people in their 60s and 70s who have never games will have bought their kids and their grandkids Mario games at this point. I don't think anything else comes close.