Your hunger can no longer be suppressed - what's your quick food fix?

Assuming there are no leftovers in the fridge, when my stomach starts yelling, "Feed Me!," but I still have stuff to work on, or play through, I'll make a quick run to the local burger joint, e.g., BK or Mickie D's, order a pizza w/ sausage, or go for the Latin American cuisine of Taco Bell... with beef, not chicken. What's your quick food fix?

  • A nice juicy, Italian sub.

  • Humus and whatever stick of veg is at hand - carrots, celery, whatever. 

  • I'd go with chicken tendies or nuggies for quick finger foods. From which place... kinda depends on whatever I'm feeling.

  • A classic sub from a nearby sub shop.

  • I find that salt peanuts and a gin and tonic seems to do the trick under these circumstances.

  • Local bahn mi joint for a grilled beef sandwich!

  • Same thing since I was like eight years old. Frozen Pizza, now I just buy the good ones and put my own extra toppings on them before I bake them. Otherwise, same dude as at 8.

  • Can of corn or green beans usually.  It's cheap, it doesn't require going out, it's relatively healthy.  Barring that, a slice of cheese, possibly in a tortilla if I'm really hungry.

  • Give me that Raisin Canes Box Combo

  • Italian Submarine sandwich