What have been your fave game mods & which popular mods did you not like?

My favorite mods would have to be the Pokemon ones like Urianium or the ones that can turn Minecraft into pretty much Elden Ring or an actual action rpg or even a different game entirely. Other good ones I've seen is IRLcraft

I didn't think I liked the funny or meme mods for Skyrim

  • this reminds me of mugen lol crazy mods

  • One of my favorite game mods is for a game called ark and the mod name is primal fear, in the mod you are able to fight crazy powerful creatures and than tame them to win the game. I disagree with what you say because I loved every Skyrim mod even the one that just add extra characters that don’t do anything impressive.

  • I've avoided mods but might try some of the best ones. So I'm interested in what folks post. 

  • My favorite mod, which is now a part of the current game's core, is the seasons mod for farming simulator.

  • In order of best to 4th best:

    - Team Fortress 2

    - Counterstrike

    - Day of Defeat

    - Natural Selection

    The original HL was an amazing game.  I really haven't played mods since.

  • That's right, a lot of fun games started out as mods for or from Half Life

  • I did too mainly bc I thought they were hard for me to install or would break my computer but a lot are easy or have good instructions

  • It's wild to me that FS is an esports game but it makes sense when you think about it

  • To each their own and I couldn't get into Ark it seemed like everyone was already at like max level with everything in the game and then there was me with only a rock getting clowned by anything and everything lol

  • Fallout 3 has an excellent mod that merges it with New Vegas creating a better experience. It is called a Tale of Two Wastelands and I highly recommend it. 

    Meme mods are always great for the laughs, but I can't play a full game with them on the whole time.