How do you guys feel about Dragon Age: The Veilguard?

Like the title how do yo guys feel about the name change from Dreadwolf to The Veilguard. I personally think name change is kinda bad. I didn't like Dreadwolf that much but The Veilguard is just weird... especially that they added "The" in the title. Second question how do you guys feel about the trailer at the Xbox Showcase? I think it looks too much like a live service game yet it's a single player game. I hope this is just this CGI trailer and the game looks better.

  • it looks great i like the graphics 

  • My son LOVES Dragon Age. He plays the video games + the tabletop RPG. The name change won't matter to him one bit. 

  • The gameplay will apparently be more action based than earlier games so I'll need to see some more gameplay before I make up my mind...

  • A lot of titles just don't sound right, Atomfall, but as long as it says Dragon Age, I'm sold.

  • Kind of in the "wait and see" mindset. Cautiously optimistic is a good way of putting it. As for the name change, I guess I don't really mind. I think Dreadwolf sounds "cooler" and I wish "Veilguard" was spelled "Valeguard" but those are minuscule nitpicks.

  • Looks like a different game and not in a good way. They dropped the realism for Fortnite skins, and focusing on lively comedy ala Guardians of the Galaxy, or Suicide Squad movie. It is like they are trying to be Fable or something. I'm not a big fan of the series, I bought the first one and is on my backlog, but trailer for the first one looks better than this.

  • It makes the whole reason for playing inquestion DLC a waste...

    Not liking the change of direction or the new art style for this dragon age...not surprising with how development was

  • Dragon Age has been a pretty consistent series, so I hope for the best.

  • I've really enjoyed Dragon Age games. The title is incidental.

  • I'm not to sure about it right now,,,I've played both earlier dragon age games and wasn't too impressed with them..but will give it a shot...