Battery 80%

Why my battery only charge 80 % ? I have the console from 2 days but I notice that doesn’t charge more than 80% 

  • On what device? Since you say console i’m going to assume the Legion Go.

    Correction to original comment: in the settings bar there is a battery conservation mode setting that stops charging at around 80%. This is because batteries should only be charged 100% when you are going to take them off the charger on the go. Battery cells wear down when left fully charged for long periods, and also wear when left under 30%, so ideally if you’re plugged in while using keeping it at 80% preserves full charge capacity. You can turn off this setting when you’re about to take the device out and about or if you commonly run away from the charger. Additionally, on any device in general charging slows down significantly after 80% unless set to rapid charge.

  • Vantage cannot be used to configure settings of this nature for the Legion Go if that is the device OP is asking about as it was not and will not ever be made to work for the Go. It would have to be configured through Space/the right side settings bar.

  • Thanks for the correction, I don’t personally have one and was speaking more off just what I’ve seen for this feature. Does this setting have the same functionality on the Go/same name?

  • A lot of devices have battery saver mode that charges battery to 80% only to optimize for battery health

  • All good, no worries on the correction :)

    Yes, it does serve the same function to limit the battery from charging to full capacity/limiting its charge to 80%.

    I'm unsure where to specifically find it, however, OP has not mentioned if the Go is still the device they are inquiring about. , if you're able to provide some clarity, that would be helpful!