What gifts did you get for the holidays?

Did you get some new gaming/tech gear this holiday?

Share it with us here!

Personally, I was lucky to get a new Elgato Key Light - it's been amazing to help with lighting during my Twitch streams.

What did you get?! A new Legion PC, console, game, or other tech gear?

  • I did not get anything video game related by I did get an InstantPot Pressure Cooker and a Nesco Coffee Roaster so I've been roasting my own beans and experimenting with light and dark roasts. The instant pot is really cool as well and honestly dangerous to my health because I can have fully cooked chicken wings in 10 minutes now.

  • Oooo nice! Which roast are you liking more? I can't seem to like dark roasts...

  • I've been really liking Ethiopian Medium Roast and lately I've been pouring the beans into some bourbon the moment they finish roasting and then letting them dry to infuse some bourbon flavor into it.

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