Favorite Web Browser?

What is your favorite webbrowser and why?

  • Brave. It has a native built in ad blocker and superior privacy options, is based off chrome so all your add ons work with it, and you can earn BAT crypto for free by opting into unobtrusive ads. 

  • I have to use Chrome but prefer Firefox. It's great, especially once you've settled on extensions & plug-ins you want. 

  • I use Chrome, mostly because Google is my email provider.   Firefox is better for safety.

  • My "dad" answer is Chrome because of the Google integration.  I've considered switching over to Firefox, because the integration is starting to get creepy.  Having read the comments about Brave makes me want to investigate other browsers outside of the Firefox/Chrome universe a bit more.

  • Google because it's simple to use and no bombardments with ads

  • I have been using Firefox for years. It has so many good extensions or add-ons. It is very versatile.

  • Safari is definitely the safest. I just use Edge on PC. I don't really care for all that extra clutter from firefox and chrome

  • I use chrome because it already has all my data saved and bookmarks organized. Firefox is lighter though. And I would still like to try Bravo.

  • Generally, I use Chrome for personal stuff and Edge for work stuff. I also have Firefox and Opera installed...but they never get any use. Probably should try Brave!

  • Firefox for years, I keep trying other but I always get deposited.