(Poll) AI in Gaming. Thoughts?

Hey friends!

Do you think AI will help/hurt your future gaming experience?

Ex: NPC interactions, Random Map Generation, Smart Optimization, etc.

  • I believe AI will improve on the entire process of gaming from conception to production and gameplay.

  • Very interesting. Thank you for the input Easy! :)

  • I think it could definitely help take gaming to new heights as long as it doesn't interfere with the artistic process! It needs to be a support tool and not a foundation. 

  • Moar please! Seriously I think AI will expedite development and allow resources to be spent on providing a more quality experiences.

  • That's a great point! 

  • Interesting! I can see it helping indie devs who are stuck doing a jack-of-all-trades role. :)

  • AI would love to help everything for info if I need my help. 

  • I've seen some mods where AI NPCs are introduced into the game. It looked pretty good to me. It will only get better.

  • It depends. AI will surely make games more fun and challenging, I mean, who likes playing against a dumb AI opponent? At the same time, AI can also be a problem if used for cheating and exploitation purposes.

  • Mostly I think it will help, from devs using tools to accelerate map and content making and programming to integrating it into NPCs. The downside is that it means quality may go down. There may be a kind of enshitification coming to gaming along with everything else. A lot of copy-paste or even nonsensical material. Poor QC. It could make things better along with an increase in quantity, but I suspect it will mostly be the opposite.

    Of course "AI" has long been in use in gaming. In the games - we just didn't call stuff before the recent hype wave "AI" with a straight face - but also in things like DLSS.