I like the two gaming headsets I have right now one of which I have had 8 yrs, my LS 30 Surround Sound but does get cumbersome after a few hours of gaming when I am able to have such a long gaming session. My other headset is oversized and heavy but produces great sound so I really want to have an alternative like a pair of good sounding gaming ear buds similar to Sony's Pulse Explore Earbuds. My friend has a pair of Pulse Explore which do work on pc but the design doesn't feel or fit right on my ears like most Sony earbuds. I have a pair of Sony XM 3s I got as a birthday gift but they just don't stay in my ears properly. Does anyone know of pc gaming earbuds that you recommend? I am also open to suggestions for a headset that is super light and not too big but still have good audio. 

  • I really like my Jabra Elite 75t wireless earbuds (they come with three sizes of inner-ear cups) - they're also water resistant. They have the usual faults of inner-ear buds - if you get sweaty, they wiggle around... but they're the best I've had so far. I love the bass, and the latency is pretty minimal. You can often find them on sale for under $100. Since GN Store Nord, parent company of Jabra, just shuttered Jabra's consumer products... and possibly the Jabra brand, they'll probably be offered in a fire sale soon (or they might become a collector's item... lol)!  Fire Thumbsup 

    P.S. - They can connect to two devices at once, and I use them with Windows 10 and my Android 9.0 phone.

  • I think Skullcandy's are a good cheap alternative 

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely look around for a good deal and am glad to hear it has low latency and good sound. I have seen Jabra go on sale often at Best Buy while browsing but I will check a variety of sites.

  • Skullcandy are decent for casual music listening but won't be a good option for gaming because of audio delays. Is there a particular Skullcandy model for gaming? I haven't had Skullcandy earbuds in probably 7-8 years though and the pair I had were a low-mid tier set that I used for a temporary set till I got new air pods to replace the ones that died on me.