Lenovo Laptop Backpack with Impact Protection - Seeking Recommendations

Hi, all.  VSmile  I'd like to use some of my rewards points to purchase a decent laptop backpack from the Lenovo store. I'm looking for a backpack with good stiff sidewall protection, and good protection against impacts in general. If you've purchased a backpack from the Lenovo store with good protection against impacts, can you let me know which type / model it was? Thanks a bunch!  Thumbsup  

  • Have you checked out the Lenovo Legion 17” Armored Backpack? I think that one probably has the maximum protection of all the backpacks in the Lenovo store.

  • The only Legion backpack worth looking at for impact protection is the 17" armored backpack. Their other options don't offer much more protection compared to any other backpack brand. 


    You can also look at Swissgear backpacks since they are sold in the Lenovo store if you want a brand that is known for making travel gear. The only downside is that it will cost more money. 

  • Thanks, Ritchie!  Thumbsup  Both you and Kevin pointed this one out. I'll check it out.

  • Thanks, Kevin!  VSmile  I'll take a look. The laptop backpacks I purchased in the 90's were nice and sturdy. Most of the ones today seem to be made of flimsy nylon fabric. It's difficult to tell which ones are good from product images alone.