What are we playing this week?

What is everyones game of choice this week? I'm diving into some Baldurs gate with mods.

  • I have been playing Elden Ring! Eagerly waiting for the DLC.

  • BG3 as well since I haven't finished it yet. One restart slowed me down and a few huge projects at work killed off most of my time, so I'm well behind.

  • I still have yet to play Ghost of Tsushima, so I might start that up this week because I heard it's good.

  • Besides my usual games with daily stuff to do (Fortnite and Star Trek Online), did start playing Little Kitty Big City, might keep going with that.

  • I'm mainly gonna focus on daily missions for multiverses. It'll kill about 20 minutes a day this week. 

  • Still working my way through Baldur's gate for 1 complete play though.

  • I'm replaying Dragon Age 2 for a retrospective I'm working on. I modded it on pc and I can't help but wish I got more mods.

  • Hades 2 or 7 Days to Die 1.0!