Have Anyone Tried Using Legion Branded Gaming Mouse?


I am considering on buying a gaming mouse, and I don't have that much of a budget. Have anyone used Legion branded gaming mouse before? I can get them cheap by using my reward points. 

Thanks in advance!

  • They'll get the job done, but not worth getting unless on sale. Like their M600 QI wireless which is normally $100 was on sale earlier this month for $56. If you use your points on a deal like this then it will be 100% worth it because it will literally be the best possible mouse you can buy on a budget. Especially when you can earn up to $60 off if you save your rewards up. 

  • I was curious about this exact thing. Interested in the responses.

  • Ah I see. I don't have many points neither have time to wait for sale. I'll get other gaming mouse instead. Thanks for the reply!