Minimum GPU for gaming laptop?

What do you consider the minimum RTX 40 Series GPU you would want for your own gaming laptop? 

Personally, I think 4070 might be my minimum. 

  • I’d say the 4060 and 4070 are close enough in performance to place the 4060 as a fair minimum for most wanting to upgrade, but I agree the 4070 is ideal since it’s the most efficient on Nvidia’s side this generation. 4050 would still get the job done just fine but the fewer VRAM is definitely holding it back.

  • Personally the 4070 is a great choice. The screens arent as demanding on laptops and they are very well built now days unlike the past. Definitely the minimum 4070 anything more is just better graphics. Easily playable on the 4070 though. That will get you in any game at decent fps with no problem

  • Are they that close in the laptop variants? It is my understanding that they are basically the desktop 4050 and 4060, and I didn't think those were super close. 

  •  Anything in the 40 series will be viable for years to come so there is no harm in going below a 4070. Currently, I would say an RTX 3050 would be the bare minimum. These are the last gen gaming laptops that can still run AAA games while costing around 600-800 dollars. 

  • My laptop has a 1650 and I run a lot of games just fine (1080p screen 165Hz refresh), but I don't play AAA titles. I have a desktop with a 3070ti that does great on the higher end games I play. I checked PassMark, they rate a  laptop1650 at 6969, s desktop 3070ti at 23653. The laptop 4060 and 4070 are 17700 and 19665, respectively. That's an 11% improvement for the 4070 over the 4060. What I saw on YouTube would suggest 10-20% more fps with the 4070 (~45 vs low 50's at 1440p). The 4050 seemed quite a bit slower. Depending on price and other features, I could see the 4060 or 4070 as good choices.

  • 4060 laptop and desktop are pretty similar since they both have the same power limit. Laptop 4050, 4060, and 4070 all have the same power limit set by Nvidia which restricts them to a 100 to 120 watt maximum. That limit puts the laptop 4060 very close to 4070 but since 4070 has more performance at the same power that’s why I say it’s the most efficient. That performance increase however ends up some times not being worth the extra cost. When you step up to 4080 on laptops you get 175 watts and on the desktop side the 4070 uses a lot more wattage and performs more like a desktop 3080. If you want to see a comparison though for laptop 4060/4070 JarrodsTech has a video for it.

  • Thanks. I'm a subscriber to Jarrod's channel, but it had been a while since I had watched those comparo vids.