Goals or plans for the Summer?

We are very much in Summer now. I'm not sure what its like by everyone else, but over by me it is crazy hot outside! Anyway, i recently decided its time to improve my health. Given that i live ~2 miles away from where i work, i've taken the plunge and have been walking to and from work every day for the last couple weeks. The mornings are easy but dang, the afternoons are hard. We also just booked our yearly trip! Headed to Florida to enjoy some beaches in October, so I am hoping to shed a few pounds by then. 

Anyone else have any exciting goals or plans for the summer? Any games you plan to binge? Let me know!

  • I'll probably start changing my workout schedule because of the heat. I usually work out during the afternoon but there is no way Summer will let that happen. Other than that I'll probably just play some random games on gamepass to make the most of my subscription. 

  • Sounds like a blast to me!

  • I plan on picking up Pickleball! As with summer, it's such a nice time to be outside! As for games I am planning on playing some Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy as I just finished the Phoenix Wright Trilogy! Can't wait for the Edgeworth Collection.

  • My plans are to Travel and relax as much as possible.

  • I would like to travel more this summer

  • Skipping my usual Summer plans of going to Comic-Con. I am looking forward to Deadpool & Wolverine. Otherwise not much actually planned, it depends on the weather really.

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    This has been becoming insanely popular by me. Several of my coworkers have been getting really into it too. I may have to add this one to my list! :D 

  • Got anywhere exciting you plan to travel to? 

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    Any plans to go anywhere? 

  • Oh nice! I am looking forward to that one. But also I am jealous that Comic Con is usually part of your plans. I havent ever been able to make it out for that one. I'm debating a con this year, but I am thinking i want to try Pax, but Comic Con is very much up on my list.