Do you prefer single-player or multiplayer games?

As I get older, I usually prefer single-player games because it’s more relaxing. I like getting lost in a story and taking my time. But multiplayer games are fun too, especially for hanging out with friends.

  • I prefer single player to just sit down and play. As you said, " getting lost in a story and taking my time." Multiplayer is more for playing with friends or having something simple to play while listening to an audiobook, radio, podcast, etc.

  • I am the opposite. As I have gotten older I have switched away form single player games to go to multiplayer. I am always actively on the lookout for fun new coop games too. This has been a great way to just spend some time relaxing with my spouse, especially when traveling for work. We can hang out and game together most evenings, which is awesome! Single player games are fun also, but for the most part if I am gaming I would rather be gaming with my spouse versus alone. 

  • I generally play solo, but I've been organizing game nights with friends and family recently to try and get back into multiplayer. Always love a good round of Street Fighter, Bomberman or Mario Kart!

  • Single-player for me - I'm more interested in the story nowadays... and I'd prefer if my enjoyment didn't hinge upon the interactions of others.  Once in a while MP can be fun, but SP is what I prefer.. that or couch co-op.

  • Usually depends on mood. Multi-player makes it more interesting, but it's hit or miss whether you get people who are decent to play with. I find it's normally quite the opposite

  • Preference is single player nowadays since its less stressful. Whereas (competitive) multi-player requires a lot of time and energy spent in grinding and constantly keeping up with the meta.

  • Definitely multiplayer games. I can't get into single player games unless they're visual novels

  • The older I get the more I move away from single-player and traditional multiplayer games. I gravitate more towards co-op games because it lets me set aside stress-free time with friends and family that I can't see regularly. 

  • I think I would prefer to play more single-player games as there are lot of games on my backlog that are so interesting but, I just don't set time aside for it and just play multiplayer or co-op games. Especially, getting older playing video games with friends as spending time and socializing with busy schedules.  

  • Single player. I don't have near as much time as I used to for games and my skills have become very rusty and they were never great to begin with, lol. I like just going at my own pace, for the most part. Multiplayer is fun with friends, but I don't really have friends that play video games anymore and the few that do just play lame mobile games. Sometimes I wish I could play multiplayer games more, but there are just so many good games that I'm not hurting for choice, as my backlog will attest to.