First Computer

What was your first Computer? What was the Operating System was it Dos, Windows, Apple, or a Linus?

  • I started using Computers in 1985, I believe it was a type of a Apple PC, but really got in to it in the 90's, Using Dos operating system. Windows 95 was a big upgrade on operating systems, I believe I still got original operating system books with there keys that have never been use. Windows 98 was definitely Hallelujah, when it came to operating system, I believe that one really started it all.

  • Commodore 64!

    Nothing quite like playing games on cassette tape. 

  • I got my first computer in 1998.  I can't remember the brand, but it was a name brand and I bought it from Home Shopping Club.  It came loaded with Windows 98 and had all sorts of programs pre-loaded., along with a bunch of stuff on cd's that I of course thought was super cool at the time.  I had a dial-up connection and aol for email.  Remember the notifications "You've Got Mail"? lol.  I thought it was really something back then.  I don't think there was even a mouse yet - everything was done with keyboard commands.  But it was top of the line at the time, and it had a dot matrix printer.  We've come a long way since then!

  • Apple IIe running Apple DOS 3.3. I learned a little at school first until my family bought one.

  • Yes, my first PC was Dos system, hooked up to the old Prodigy network provider.

  • Me too. A few years later my parents got tired of my siblings and I fighting over it so they bought us an IBM Tandy 1000 which used the 5.25 inch floppy disc. I loved my Tandy so much more than our Commodore. My first laptop was an Olivetti Quaderno which was a graduation present to use for college. Olivetti's were fairly popular in the early 90's but gutted their computer branch at the end of the decade . I know the Italian economy was going through woes at the time but they made a decent product. I think IBM and Apple were just too big for them too compete with globally. Kind of sad because they had been making mainframes since the 50's. It's a dog eat dog world.

  • It was probably an Apple 2s. They still gained popularity into the mid 90's. Really good computers at the time but then again Apple have always made good devices and were and still are pricey compared to its competitive counterparts.

  • Lol. Yeah I thought email on AOL was coolest thing every. No more waiting for letters to be delivered. A revolution in communication and had the biggest impact globally.

  • My first computer was one I used in my classroom, a TRS-80. This of course was pre internet. When we said it used a floppy disc, it truly was floppy, a 5 1/4" dish. One to boot the computer, another to run some type of stand alone program.

  • First computer used was in 1994. The Operating System was DOS.