Happy Birthdays

My birthday is on July 5th, and my teenage daughter on July 3rd,

and we always celebrate our birthdays on July 4th.

I need Any Good Ideas? Be creative.

  • We always celebrate the birthdays in Independence Day with fireworks.

  • Bake a cake or cook dinner together! Let her choose what kind of cake or what she wants to make for dinner. We always let the birthday person choose what they want for dinner in my family, whether its certain takeout, or a nice homemade meal, and we all have dinner together.

  • Celebrating the 4th and two birthdays?... Well that depends on where you're at..Here in Ak. I like to go camping and buy some fireworks..

  • Buy or rent a projector and big outdoor screen and throw a movie party. You can her her favorite music videos, and pictures of her rotate during the party and before her favorite movie(s). Also rent a popcorn machine and bags\buckets, and candy with her face on it for guests to take some popcorn home.

  • Happy birthday to both of you, My favourite thing is spending time with family at a park or a restaurant. 

  • Happy Birthday to the both of you. During the day you could have a BBQ Party with a real DJ and then in the evening fire off some of your own fireworks before the city fireworks. I have a sister whose birthday is a few days before Christmas and it was rough for her as her birthday was kind of overshadowed by holiday festivities but my mom always put a twist on decorations and what not to make it more personal for her when she was young. I think when she got older she embraced having a holiday birthday being able to be with family during both the holiday and her birthday.

  • Just came to say that birthdays around a holiday is awesome! 

  • Happy Pre Birthday to Both of you!

  • Red, white and blue cake and sparklers!

  • Absolutely the best idea!