Alexa Paid Upgrade

Alexa is planning to launch a paid subscription for AI digital assistant service because they are losing so much money on it. They are thinking about charging $5-$10  month (likely $5, then $10). This one will generate artificial conversations...

"Before we would start charging customers for this — and I believe we will — it has to be remarkable." - David Limp

Would you use this? Is there anything a digital assistant does that would be worth any amount of money? Could any competitors do those tasks as well? Are there any free, open source digital AI assistant alternatives you can use and control your data, other than Mycroft, Leon, OpenAssistant, Jasper, and Rhasspy? Have you used any of these? How'd that go?

  • At this point, I don't think I wouldn't pay extra.

  • I have been seriously considering getting rid of Alexa AND Google altogether. They were not bad when I first got them, but they are garbage now. I think Amazon has been planning this and so they have been tanking Alexa to make it less useful so they could convince people that they should pay.

    I will never pay for an AI digital Assistant.

  • I just found out Google play downloaded at least 6 apps on my phone that I did not ask for. Definitely games developers bribed them to dump on me when I was not looking. Currently looking (and failing to find) how I can opt out in settings. They bought this nice independent thing, android, and turned it into this.

    A podcast just came on about "empoopification." (not the real term) So fitting.

  • That would be a B I G  hell no...Not really a fan of Alexa..

  • Not only I would not pay money, but I would immediately get rid of Alexa 

  • LOL funny, would so not pay for it.  AI has so far to go to be a useful assistant that would be worth paying for.

  • I don't even use any digital assistant services anyway, so this wouldn't even be up my alley nor on my radar xD

  • Sir, you don't understand. The company with all the money can't make it any better unless you pay for it. They're trying their best to... turn lights off and release all the roombas?

  • I honestly cannot believe the cash grab some of these companies are going for with these AI features. If anything it's a nice tool, but it should be free to use. They get so many other cloud payments, AI should be free.